Tina Ridder

Tina Ridder

Tina is a student in the English Secondary Education program at North Carolina State University and received an Associates degree in Art with a concentration in English Literature from Wake Technical Community College. As a high school student, she tutored middle school students in music theory and she currently volunteers with the Wake Forest High School marching band. Tina has been tutoring for over four years and greatly enjoys the feeling of helping others overcome their academic struggles.She is a member of multiple Honor Societies that specialize in the betterment of one's community and self, as well as a mutual love of teaching and education. She is passionate about teaching literature and grammar, music theory, choir, and the trumpet. Tina is a published poet inThe Wake Review and can be found either reading, writing, or watching crime shows with her cat, Fig, during her free time.

Tutoring Subjects/Levels: 

English 6-12, College English

ACT/SAT Test Prep

Music theory, Instrumentals (trumpets)