M&M is a teacher-owned, student-centered, and community-minded educational company whose mission is to support parents & students, schools & school districts, and community organizations, in their academic pursuits.  
M & M Educational Group began as a shared effort between two passionate educators who desired to see their influence extend beyond the four walls of their classrooms.  In 40+ years combined, Jametra Hinton and Mariama Moody experienced great success as classroom teachers by establishing positive relationships with students and parents, and incorporating their in-depth knowledge of curriculum and cognitive development.  As the years progressed, both teachers grew increasingly concerned about the lack of individualized attention that students received, and the need for more curriculum and resources developed by teachers who were actually in the trenches.  

In August 2014, Jametra and Mariama decided to join forces to address their growing concerns, and began M & M Educational Group (formerly M & M Math Tutoring Service).  Jametra and Mariama are humbled by the success that M & M has experienced thus far, and are looking forward to what the future holds for them and M & M!
    • Our founders are LICENSED & NATIONAL BOARD CERTIFIED VETERAN TEACHERS, and each tutor is trained to meet students' needs as our founders did in their classrooms!
    • We offer services 7 days a week, various time slots, AND virtual sessions!
    • Each student and school is different...so we work with each student's and school's unique strengths and weaknesses!
    • You are not just a number at M&M...we become a part of your village.  We take our work personally because we believe that every student deserves a quality education.