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Durham, NC, USA
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We are a tutoring company founded by educators, whose mission is to support students of all ages as they progress through their various courses. We believe in the old proverb that states “...it takes a village to raise a child…”, so we endeavor to not just tutor our students, but also become a part of their village-cheering them on to success! Our goal is to ensure that each of our students are prepared to re-enter their classrooms better equipped to succeed!

We are currently seeking qualified tutors to join our team in the following content areas:
MATH  |  

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  1. Flexible Scheduling
    • You determine your work hours.
  2. In-Person, Hybrid, & Remote Opportunities Available:
    • We allow you to choose which option best suits your schedule.
  3. Company Culture: 
    • M&M believes in supporting our tutors, treating them well, and recognizing their hard work.
  4. Growth Opportunities: 
    • Experienced M&M tutors can receive additional opportunities to tutor large groups, represent the company at events, and help with other various needs.
    • For our tutors, working with M&M is not just "another job", but an opportunity for us to support your personal and professional development. 
  5. Referral Program: 
    • Tutors have the opportunity to receive a bonus for referrals who are hired.
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