Become an M&M Tutor:

We are a tutoring company founded by educators, whose mission is to support students of all ages as they progress through their various courses. We believe in the old proverb that states “ takes a village to raise a child…”, so we endeavor to not just tutor our students, but also become a part of their village-cheering them on to success! Our goal is to ensure that each of our students are prepared to re-enter their classrooms better equipped to succeed!

We are currently seeking qualified tutors to join our team in the following content areas:

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  • Minimum of 1 year of teaching/tutoring experience
  • Experience in virtual tutoring preferred
  • Ability to build a rapport with students
  • Sufficient knowledge of content area
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Proficient with Google applications
Duties/Responsibilities (include, but not limited to):
  • Provide thorough and supportive instruction aligned with students' current classroom curricula.
  • Maintain effective and continuous communication with clients and M&M management.
  • Establish academic goals and milestones with students.
  • Document and communicate monthly progress reports.
  • Provide constructive feedback for students.
  • Routinely update appointment calendar/tutoring log(s).
  • Check email every 24 hours.
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