Academic Support

Academic Support

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Teacher Support/PD Options:  

  • ABCs of Effective Teaching - professional development module geared towards equipping beginning and lateral entry teachers with practical strategies for a successful teaching career
  • The PGF Tour - professional development module (for any teacher) on effective planning, grading, and feedback
  • Math 1/Alg 1Coaching - a series of planning/feedback sessions, classroom observations, and instructional modeling

Youth Programs/WorkshopsPROGRAMS/WORKSHOPS:

  • Tutorial assistance for group homes, transitional family shelters, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations looking to provide youth or adult education services
  • "Let's Get Organized!" (5th-8th grade)-practical suggestions on how to stay organized throughout the school year
  • "Learning Your Way"(6th-12th grade)-how to become an independent student by understanding how you learn
  • "Growing Pains: A Guide to Success in High School and Beyond" (9th-12thgrade)-how to prepare for success in and out of the classroom


  • ACT/SAT test prep (small or large group)
  • In-school and after-school tutoring programs
  • Public Speaking classes
  • Intercession & summer programs
  • EOG/EOC/NCFE support
  • Homeschool services
  • ESL Math instructional support