I just love Ms. Novotny!!  I had a 15-year-old foster-to-adopt child in my home who deals with a lot of anxiety and was not doing well in his first year of high school.  My husband and I spent the first half of last semester tearing our hair out trying to get him to do his homework, figuring out what his assignments were since he could never remember, and walking him through his school work.  It was very stressful for us, considering the very pressurized transitional period we were in and are still going through at home.  We were told the child did well in school before we brought him to our home, but clearly the standards were different or else he couldn't deal with school given the stress of moving in with a new family. Before we found M&M Tutoring, we were spending 1-2 hours every night walking him through his assignments.  Ms. Novotny almost completely relieved the burden from us.  She is truly a breath of fresh air.  She never gets frustrated with him and is always patient and kind.  She has provided organizational "assignments" that have helped greatly.  She apparently has a knack for motivating him to come up with his own ideas.  She's always willing to communicate with the teachers (and be persistent about it).   My child started off with an F in his history class and ended up with a B, so that tells you all you need to know:)

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Time & Location Info:

  • Traditional Yr., Year-Round, Intercession, & Summer tutoring
  • In-home, local, OR online 
  • Available 7 days a week, various hours
  • Minimum of one hour per session
  • Face-to-face services offered in Raleigh-Durham (and surrounding areas) 


  • K-12 Math, English/Reading, Writing, Science, History, & Foreign Languages  
  • College & adult students
  • ACT/SAT/AP test prep (see the TEST PREP page to register) 
  • Remediation, Maintenance, & Enrichment services
  • Organizational, studying, & test-taking skills

Specialized Services:

  • Homeschooling (contact us for more info)
  • Final exam study groups 
  • Special needs (i.e. IEP, 504, ESL, AIG) support - CLICK HERE for authorization forms
  • Individual and group tutorial sessions
  • Foster care/adoption services

All sessions include:

  • a minimum of one hour of tutoring 
  • access to your tutor between sessions
  • consistent communication with your child's teacher
  • supplementary materials/homework
  • assistance with organizational and study skills
  • recognition of special occasions (birthdays, reaching academic goals, etc.)

Additional Info:

  • Discounts:
    • Groups, multiple children (from the same family), or military (with ID)
    • THREE or more 1-hr sessions per week
    • Referral discount of one FREE session (pending new client confirmation)
  • Group sessions - one tutor can work with two or three students in one setting (works best with siblings, similar content areas, or students close in age)